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Monday, November 7, 2011

Conan the Libertarian

I'm sitting here, smoking my Dunhill 965 in a half-loaded Peterson Dublin green churchwarden pipe, wondering how we got to the point that I had to blog this-- but here we are, and here we go.

I watched the most disturbing video today on Youtube. It was a 70 year old lady being duped by a vidoegrapher into saying the worst stream of ignorance I have ever seen. It was all about President Obama being a bisexual born in Africa socialist antichrist. Of course, she said she got her news from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Hannity.

As I was processing all this, I had little scenarios going in my head where I was a talk show host again, and might say something like "Back to your cave, woman! Go draw on the walls!"

And then I decided to watch the remake of "Conan the Barbarian".

Suddenly, a vision of reality began to take shape-- one I had never experienced before. It was all right here before me. Conan wasn't a Barbarian-- he was a Libertarian.

Forget the advancements that mankind has continued to make, despite itself. For one, we have nearly wiped out slavery. Now people everywhere are seeing that races and nationalities mean nothing-- it's really economic class warfare, and always has been-- and this too is like throwing off slavery. But the libertarians-- the real Ron Paul- Michelle Bachmann constitution people-- would like to roll us back to the time I was watching in front of me.

Whatever happened to the day when a man could cut another man's head off, and win the girl? That's my kind of life. Not government. We don't need that. We don't need protection, like police. That's what guns are for, isn't it? We sure don't need health care, because once a four inch wide sword has gone through you, well.... it's an honor to die in battle, right? Hence the assumption that an elder has wisdom-- if you got to elder, you had to be doing something right. Want to go back to an average death age of 35, anyone?

Anyway, in the middle of the movie-- which is really quite good if you like fight scenes and gore-- Conan gets asked by the maiden fair something about does he ever think the gods have a plan, or will it always be trouble and chaos-- you know, showing her sensitive side-- and Conan answers what I imagine Ron Paul would say, or Michelle Bachmann might blurt out while not blinking for the twelth straight minute-- their true response when asked about the needs of the poor and disabled, and the role government should play in alleviating society's woes-- "I know not and I care not. I live, I love, I slay."

Let's us give you cave people, you barbarians, a lesson. Ghandi did it. We can do it, too. We can totally defeat the people that have forgotten that document that starts with "We, the people". Without violence. Those who resort to violence are in the lower end of our species current state of evolvement. Those who choose anger and hate are acting like the cave man who had the biggest stick-- acting like Conan, with blood and guts all over the place.

But while Conan might make a good movie, he makes for a lousy society. And that's the thing-- the rich want to seperate us and make us fight amongst ourselves, and idolize war, violence, and its supposed rewards-- sex, power, glory-- until we would prefer to be barbarians. We make our video games more gory, and our movies, and wonder why the number of psychotics has risen-- but boy, they sure are good to send to the front line. That's our barbarian world, isn't it? Blood. Glory. Sex.

I am thinking that the evolution of man will come in non-violence, because the history of man has progressively grown less violent. Still oppressive, but in a better wrapper. I am not really one who buys the "you ought to be glad it ain't worse" point of view. That was the whole movie I just watched-- it being worse. I have to believe it will get better.

So let's see what I think would be right. I know socialism is demonized as a classic evil in this world, but let me tell you this-- we would be better off if we, the people, owned the oil, gas and electric companies, and not greedy CEOs and hungry share holders. Who would like gas prices capped at $2.00 a gallon? And to top it off nicely, these utilities profits would enable us all to have civilized medical care for free, college education at state universities for free, and keep taxes low.

But in the barbarian world, civilization is not treasured, cooperation is seen as a threat, and free speech incites police beatings. In this world, talk of socializing medicine is treated like a plague instead of helping people. I mean, how do you cave people not get this?

Social. Communal. No 'ist'. Help one another. Share. Lift each other up. Don't you realize yet that capitalism depends on having someone to capitalize upon? Don't you see it yet-- they oppress you, too?

No, you just see their shiny blades, fresh with blood, and see them dragging the damsel in chains-- and figure that's the winning side.

We will continue to evolve-- whether the neandrathal amongst us wants us to, or not. Conan the Barbarian was a good movie(if you like decapitations), but as far as the real world, civilation never looked so nice. I highly reccomend you remember this, my government, is "We, the People". When you look at Occupy Wall Street, and movements to leave big banks, remember "We, the People". When you see the strikes and ballot challenges of your oppressive laws, remember "We, the People".

You cannot oppress 7 billion of us much longer.