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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crystal Balls

I think we are living in one of the most exciting times in the last century. We are looking at paradoxes being broken, truths being revealed, and power structures being openly challenged.

I believe our government is the thing that enslaves us, but at the same time, it is our only hope. Let's examine some recent events, and see what the crystal ball might see....

The Senate passes a bill that may allow US citizens to be detained without charges, indefinitely, and also authorizes drone strikes against civilians. Read Occupy Crosshairs is the instant cry. But I believe that if a President wanted to really shake things up-- say, like take over the Federal Reserve-- he would need domestic military power to do it.

What if the Marines rolled up Wall Street, grabbing the rich crooks, and holding them in a military prison while the economy gets righted by some long overdue re-distribution of wealth? That doesn't seem to me to be that bad of an idea. Confiscate their ill gotten gains, and send us all a check. Anyone that votes gets a share.

I think the same thing about the FEMA act that Bush put through, which allows almost dictator-like power in a state of emergency (which they only can define)-- in the hands of the right person, we could fix this country in 6 months. But who among us will define what is the right person? That's the tricky area.

I like the approach of one of the west coast Occupy movements-- they filed papers to form their own credit union. Will that be the next trend-- just taking our money away from the banks? It's non-violent, and extremely effective.

But really, you have to look at world history, and see the great majority of times like this ended up in violence. The rich, by and large, don't like giving up any advantage, and especially don't like giving up money they got through illegal and/or deceitful practices. They think that a successful scam means you earned the money.

I mean, really-- giving people bad loans, then selling the loans, and then betting against the loans? THAT'S an honest way to make money? People became billionaires OFF THAT?

We have the ability to rise up in the polls, and send good third party candidates into elections. This is the way of revolution here in the US-- VOTE. Our founding fathers were no strangers to corrupt power hungry men, and built in abilities to deal with reform-- anytime people get together and vote.

My predictions? Politicians finally cave in to the people's will. It will become the only way to get elected, and probably sooner than you think. With Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, combined with a public no longer dependent on TV stations having cameras because so many people have smart phones with video, the news networks have been crippled. Now the way to win ratings is not measured by cable viewers, but Facebook shares.

It is what it is, and as long as the internet is alive, we will have varied news sources from now on. We don't care if you covered Occupy Wall Street-- we did it ourselves. And now that we know the power of communication as individuals, we are one step closer to evolving as a world society-- rather than being forced into a New World Order.

But the adversary will not go quietly. In my dreams, American forces free the American people from the billionaires that oppress us. They assist local forces when asked to, and fix border issues. And all those in the loftiest towers get brought down a peg or two.

We'll see. It's an exciting time of hypocrisy being exposed, and real people realizing their power. Let's hope it evolves into something at the polls in 2012.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Conan the Libertarian

I'm sitting here, smoking my Dunhill 965 in a half-loaded Peterson Dublin green churchwarden pipe, wondering how we got to the point that I had to blog this-- but here we are, and here we go.

I watched the most disturbing video today on Youtube. It was a 70 year old lady being duped by a vidoegrapher into saying the worst stream of ignorance I have ever seen. It was all about President Obama being a bisexual born in Africa socialist antichrist. Of course, she said she got her news from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Hannity.

As I was processing all this, I had little scenarios going in my head where I was a talk show host again, and might say something like "Back to your cave, woman! Go draw on the walls!"

And then I decided to watch the remake of "Conan the Barbarian".

Suddenly, a vision of reality began to take shape-- one I had never experienced before. It was all right here before me. Conan wasn't a Barbarian-- he was a Libertarian.

Forget the advancements that mankind has continued to make, despite itself. For one, we have nearly wiped out slavery. Now people everywhere are seeing that races and nationalities mean nothing-- it's really economic class warfare, and always has been-- and this too is like throwing off slavery. But the libertarians-- the real Ron Paul- Michelle Bachmann constitution people-- would like to roll us back to the time I was watching in front of me.

Whatever happened to the day when a man could cut another man's head off, and win the girl? That's my kind of life. Not government. We don't need that. We don't need protection, like police. That's what guns are for, isn't it? We sure don't need health care, because once a four inch wide sword has gone through you, well.... it's an honor to die in battle, right? Hence the assumption that an elder has wisdom-- if you got to elder, you had to be doing something right. Want to go back to an average death age of 35, anyone?

Anyway, in the middle of the movie-- which is really quite good if you like fight scenes and gore-- Conan gets asked by the maiden fair something about does he ever think the gods have a plan, or will it always be trouble and chaos-- you know, showing her sensitive side-- and Conan answers what I imagine Ron Paul would say, or Michelle Bachmann might blurt out while not blinking for the twelth straight minute-- their true response when asked about the needs of the poor and disabled, and the role government should play in alleviating society's woes-- "I know not and I care not. I live, I love, I slay."

Let's us give you cave people, you barbarians, a lesson. Ghandi did it. We can do it, too. We can totally defeat the people that have forgotten that document that starts with "We, the people". Without violence. Those who resort to violence are in the lower end of our species current state of evolvement. Those who choose anger and hate are acting like the cave man who had the biggest stick-- acting like Conan, with blood and guts all over the place.

But while Conan might make a good movie, he makes for a lousy society. And that's the thing-- the rich want to seperate us and make us fight amongst ourselves, and idolize war, violence, and its supposed rewards-- sex, power, glory-- until we would prefer to be barbarians. We make our video games more gory, and our movies, and wonder why the number of psychotics has risen-- but boy, they sure are good to send to the front line. That's our barbarian world, isn't it? Blood. Glory. Sex.

I am thinking that the evolution of man will come in non-violence, because the history of man has progressively grown less violent. Still oppressive, but in a better wrapper. I am not really one who buys the "you ought to be glad it ain't worse" point of view. That was the whole movie I just watched-- it being worse. I have to believe it will get better.

So let's see what I think would be right. I know socialism is demonized as a classic evil in this world, but let me tell you this-- we would be better off if we, the people, owned the oil, gas and electric companies, and not greedy CEOs and hungry share holders. Who would like gas prices capped at $2.00 a gallon? And to top it off nicely, these utilities profits would enable us all to have civilized medical care for free, college education at state universities for free, and keep taxes low.

But in the barbarian world, civilization is not treasured, cooperation is seen as a threat, and free speech incites police beatings. In this world, talk of socializing medicine is treated like a plague instead of helping people. I mean, how do you cave people not get this?

Social. Communal. No 'ist'. Help one another. Share. Lift each other up. Don't you realize yet that capitalism depends on having someone to capitalize upon? Don't you see it yet-- they oppress you, too?

No, you just see their shiny blades, fresh with blood, and see them dragging the damsel in chains-- and figure that's the winning side.

We will continue to evolve-- whether the neandrathal amongst us wants us to, or not. Conan the Barbarian was a good movie(if you like decapitations), but as far as the real world, civilation never looked so nice. I highly reccomend you remember this, my government, is "We, the People". When you look at Occupy Wall Street, and movements to leave big banks, remember "We, the People". When you see the strikes and ballot challenges of your oppressive laws, remember "We, the People".

You cannot oppress 7 billion of us much longer.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupation Preoccupation

I have loved over the last couple of weeks watching the "Occupy Wall Street" movement grow. I admit it-- that directionless group of Americans has me thinking they are the real patriots of my lifetime. I don't have any idea what will become of it. But I tell you this-- this event will change us as a country just as much as 9-11 did-- and for the better.

It's always been the rich against the poor. The rich bribe and employ others to join their cause, and protect them from the masses. Sometimes the lies are really good, and can seperate whole classes of people-- black against white, protestant against catholic, men against women. As long as they keep the masses divided, they can continue to win.

But this group in New York have no division. I see all colors, and all ages, all types of people arm in arm. Through Facebook, videos and pictures surface daily. It's almost as if the internet saved our concept of Free Press, because the mainstream media ignored it-- until they thought it meant ratings.

Don't be bashful when 'class warfare' is mentioned. Hell, it's only warfare because we started fighting back. Before that, it was 'class suppression'.

Education and healthcare are two of the most pivotal issues in anyone's lifetime-- and both are tilted so far in favor of the rich that some people might think that there are those that would prefer the poor dead.

We are one of the worst developed nations at providing health care and education for our population. We were supposed to stay in our semi-comatose state, watching Jerry Springer and the Jersey Shore. But somehow, somewhere, one person said 'enough is enough'.

And they said it loud enough someone else heard it, and said it again. And again.

I don't know what the Occupation intends to accomplish, but I am with them. We've been aimless so long in this country. At least this action shows that we, the 99%, are fed up with the abuse of the rich.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Barack on the Rebound

Since the last post I made about our president had a basketball theme, I thought I'd start this with one, too. And even better than last time-- there will be no mention of Lebron James. Except to mention that there won't be any mentions.

It's been a few days since the dramatic news that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a Navy Seal raid. Estimates are out that say bin Laden cost the U.S. 3 trillion dollars over the last 15 years.

But the history books seldom have a balance sheet. What will be remembered is this: Obama got Osama.

There should be no mistake about it-- give him the credit that he is due.

Does this change decades of failed foreign policy that caused this backlash in the first place? No. Does it change that I am paying $4 a gallon for gas? No.

But it does change the public's perception of Obama as an egghead. Now he's got a little bit of John Wayne goin' on, and a side of don't-mess-with-me is on the menu.

This could easily be the turning point that allows Obama to get re-elected.

Now if he could only get gas to $2.50 a gallon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What If?: Confession of a Conspiracy Addict

I have thought The Thought. I have done The Deed. The Unthinkable, I have pondered upon. And with great fear, I ask myself-- What If?

What If all the conspiracy theories are just that-- cockeyed fabrications made up to cruelly hoax the gullible?

What if aliens aren't coming to rescue us-- or our favorite deity? What if we don't all die in 2012?

What if there is just a six billion person pinball game going on, and the whole planet is just cause and effect?

What if there are no real conspiracies, and one person really could make a difference?

And what if every person were expected to make a difference? What if people's name were written on a wall if they didn't vote?

What if voting made you feel empowered, because people you trusted came through for you once they were in office? Instead of coming through for their biggest contributors?

Is it easier to believe in Bigfoot than that?

What if it all was real, and we all got engaged, and we all were involved?

Half of video game time, volunteering. Half of Facebook game time.

And no conspiracies, unless confirmed first by WikiLeaks.

It could like, change the world.

As long as we don't let the Illuminati get hold of it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barack and Lebron

What a difference two years makes.

Two years ago, I was thrilled. A sweet talking Democrat had just been elected, and filled my political heart with hope. And a sweet playing basketball superstar had my sports heart dancing on clouds.

I just knew we would change things. Our country would be on the mend from the worst president in our history. And the curse of Cleveland sports would be lifted by an NBA championship.

Both men could tell you what you wanted to hear, all right. Both men seemed like the champion that a true underdog needed.

Both men, it turns out, were just liars looking to make their money and glory, with no loyalty, no character, and no fighting spirit.

Today is the day Barack Obama decided to give in to the Republicans, and give Bush era tax breaks another shot. Because, presumably, it worked so well last time.

Sure, we went from a balanced budget and a healthy economy to a recession and the biggest deficit ever. But let's not look at the numbers.

Barack Obama, just like Lebron James did with "The Decision", showed his true character today. And it turns out, the two men are remarkably alike.

They both work for billionaires. They both decided to look out only for themselves, and stab their supporters in the back, in the worst way possible.

And both have suffered the most dramatic loss of popularity that I have ever seen. Lebron was contesting for most popular athlete in the world, and now sportswriters everywhere say he is the most hated. And Obama has sunk so low, I don't think he could even win the Democratic nomination today-- let alone the election.

Obviously, with these men, character amounts to nothing. Fighting for a noble cause means nothing. Doing what is right means nothing.

Oh, but can those men bank? Hell yeah.

So, to take off on Lebron's commercial, I can just see Obama asking, "What should I do?" I could see him asking that into the camera, and then giving us all his lame ass reasons why this is a good move. Just like Lebron did.

Maybe he should ask Bill Clinton. It still amazes me that he balanced the budget with a Republican controlled Congress. But that was, of course, before Dubya showed us what great profits lie in calamity, war, and spending money like you had a mint printing the stuff in your back room.

I laugh when Barack talks about splitting his lip while playing Lebron's game.

I sure wish he could put out that kind of effort for regular Americans.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Reality is an Illusion

I've been having some very fun arguments on Facebook lately. Well, fun for me-- I think some other people are getting pretty agitated. Agitation is sort of a normal state of mind for me, so I feel like it's my 'home court advantage'.

But that's the kind of brain I have. As you will see, I am about to blend the latest WikiLeaks scandal into totally separate discussions on global warming, alien visitation, giant human fossils, and the metaphysical nature of our very existence.

You see, I believe in a 'common thread' theory to life. I believe that Truth probably does exist, but it's scattered across the globe, in little tiny bits, in different religions, mysticisms, scientific studies and philosophies. Sort of like one big existential Easter egg hunt, if you will. And in the end, the more I investigate, the more I find one predominant common thread.

Reality is an illusion.

What we call reality is just a commonly agreed upon perception, after all. We say “the sky is blue”-- but it's not to a blind man. Sure, the same particles are in the air, refracting light in such a way that most of us see the same thing, which we have agreed to call 'blue'.

But really, it's just a nerve signal from our eyeballs to our brain that gives us an impression. That's all. We see people that have lost limbs in accidents get faked out by their brain, with nerve signals telling them that the limb is still there. How do we really know that a portion-- or perhaps all-- of our reality isn't the same thing?

I know fans of the “Matrix” are getting all giggly now, thinking of that paradigm-shifting scene where Keanu Reeves wakes up in a pod, and finds out his reality is only computer generated scenes from a master computer. Presumably, this same computer also told him he was a good actor.

Somehow, I find a direct correlation to this and the leaking of diplomatic emails that our country is currently in an uproar about, and with which the whole world will soon be abuzz.

Let me trace my thoughts: We talk bad about people behind their backs. We lie to their face, and act like nothing's wrong. And then we get upset when the truth of what we say and do is found out.

See? Reality is an illusion. The objectionable part, according to our government, is not so much the lies, bad talk and dirty back-room-dealing actions-- it's the fact that we blew their cover.

You see, they were struggling very hard to create a perception amongst certain people, and then got mad when their reality was exposed as an illusion. They scream, 'people's lives are at risk!'-- as if they were not at risk with every deceitful action this government has made in it's history. People's lives weren't at risk in Iraq and Afghanistan-- at least, not until now. They weren't at risk in Vietnam. Or Korea. Or in the World Wars in Europe, and around the globe.

No, no, no-- bombing countries, stealing their natural resources, making agreements to wipe out cultures, crippling economies, defrauding entire classes of people-- that's OK. But telling on us for doing it in nasty little semi-illegal underhanded ways-- THAT'S the problem.

Because ever since Hitler, the world has known that it's the BIG LIE that gets believed. And so therefore, how dare anyone expose the BIG LIE? Or any of our small ones that form the steps to the peak of deception that they have so carefully lead us to, for so many years?

“BUT WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS!”, you might scream. “We have to do this because everyone else is doing it, and how naive can you believe to think otherwise?”

That equates, in my opinion, to a George Bush-like preemptive bombing of the truth. And don't get me wrong-- it's both parties, it's most or all nations-- it's just the government way.

It's the lies that risk people lives, not telling the truth. It's the back room deals. It's the choosing of national sides, instead of choosing the human race.

History books have been re-written so many times that pages don't even get a chance to turn yellow anymore. Truth is forgotten, dooming generation after generation to repeating it's own mistakes. Our past is myth, people will say-- unless it reinforces something we want to believe now. And worst of all, people aren't really concerned about truth. They are far more concerned about being perceived as right. Passion exists for personal pride, rather than humility inspiring camaraderie in our species.

Basically, a huge part of the human population should just walk around with t-shirts on that say “I AM RIGHT!”. But history, sadly, proves we are not.

So don't try to prove or disprove global warming, or alien visitation, or giant human fossils. Just ask Hillary Clinton, and she will tell you the rubber-stamped official answer. Because we all know we can trust her-- and look, I saw her smile once! Therefore, I know she is honest, and nice.

Oh, I know one has nothing to do with the other. But there is the common thread-- reality is based on perception. A certain amount of the population will believe what they are told to believe. Theory becomes fact to those who believe the theory. Lies become truth to those who believe the lie. How dare anyone actually show courage, and have an independent mind, and do something honest-- lives are at stake!

Most importantly, the lives of the liars are at stake. The lives, the livelihoods, the prearranged deceptions, the back-room deals-- that's what's really at stake.

Reality is an illusion. Especially if you work in government.

There's a Bible verse that says basically “your back room lies will be shouted from the rooftops!”.

Today, in your presence, this prophecy is fulfilled.

I say-- Hallelujah!