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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crystal Balls

I think we are living in one of the most exciting times in the last century. We are looking at paradoxes being broken, truths being revealed, and power structures being openly challenged.

I believe our government is the thing that enslaves us, but at the same time, it is our only hope. Let's examine some recent events, and see what the crystal ball might see....

The Senate passes a bill that may allow US citizens to be detained without charges, indefinitely, and also authorizes drone strikes against civilians. Read Occupy Crosshairs is the instant cry. But I believe that if a President wanted to really shake things up-- say, like take over the Federal Reserve-- he would need domestic military power to do it.

What if the Marines rolled up Wall Street, grabbing the rich crooks, and holding them in a military prison while the economy gets righted by some long overdue re-distribution of wealth? That doesn't seem to me to be that bad of an idea. Confiscate their ill gotten gains, and send us all a check. Anyone that votes gets a share.

I think the same thing about the FEMA act that Bush put through, which allows almost dictator-like power in a state of emergency (which they only can define)-- in the hands of the right person, we could fix this country in 6 months. But who among us will define what is the right person? That's the tricky area.

I like the approach of one of the west coast Occupy movements-- they filed papers to form their own credit union. Will that be the next trend-- just taking our money away from the banks? It's non-violent, and extremely effective.

But really, you have to look at world history, and see the great majority of times like this ended up in violence. The rich, by and large, don't like giving up any advantage, and especially don't like giving up money they got through illegal and/or deceitful practices. They think that a successful scam means you earned the money.

I mean, really-- giving people bad loans, then selling the loans, and then betting against the loans? THAT'S an honest way to make money? People became billionaires OFF THAT?

We have the ability to rise up in the polls, and send good third party candidates into elections. This is the way of revolution here in the US-- VOTE. Our founding fathers were no strangers to corrupt power hungry men, and built in abilities to deal with reform-- anytime people get together and vote.

My predictions? Politicians finally cave in to the people's will. It will become the only way to get elected, and probably sooner than you think. With Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, combined with a public no longer dependent on TV stations having cameras because so many people have smart phones with video, the news networks have been crippled. Now the way to win ratings is not measured by cable viewers, but Facebook shares.

It is what it is, and as long as the internet is alive, we will have varied news sources from now on. We don't care if you covered Occupy Wall Street-- we did it ourselves. And now that we know the power of communication as individuals, we are one step closer to evolving as a world society-- rather than being forced into a New World Order.

But the adversary will not go quietly. In my dreams, American forces free the American people from the billionaires that oppress us. They assist local forces when asked to, and fix border issues. And all those in the loftiest towers get brought down a peg or two.

We'll see. It's an exciting time of hypocrisy being exposed, and real people realizing their power. Let's hope it evolves into something at the polls in 2012.

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