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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What If?: Confession of a Conspiracy Addict

I have thought The Thought. I have done The Deed. The Unthinkable, I have pondered upon. And with great fear, I ask myself-- What If?

What If all the conspiracy theories are just that-- cockeyed fabrications made up to cruelly hoax the gullible?

What if aliens aren't coming to rescue us-- or our favorite deity? What if we don't all die in 2012?

What if there is just a six billion person pinball game going on, and the whole planet is just cause and effect?

What if there are no real conspiracies, and one person really could make a difference?

And what if every person were expected to make a difference? What if people's name were written on a wall if they didn't vote?

What if voting made you feel empowered, because people you trusted came through for you once they were in office? Instead of coming through for their biggest contributors?

Is it easier to believe in Bigfoot than that?

What if it all was real, and we all got engaged, and we all were involved?

Half of video game time, volunteering. Half of Facebook game time.

And no conspiracies, unless confirmed first by WikiLeaks.

It could like, change the world.

As long as we don't let the Illuminati get hold of it.

1 comment:

  1. If we don't all die in 2012? Then I have got a whole mess of library books to return.