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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barack and Lebron

What a difference two years makes.

Two years ago, I was thrilled. A sweet talking Democrat had just been elected, and filled my political heart with hope. And a sweet playing basketball superstar had my sports heart dancing on clouds.

I just knew we would change things. Our country would be on the mend from the worst president in our history. And the curse of Cleveland sports would be lifted by an NBA championship.

Both men could tell you what you wanted to hear, all right. Both men seemed like the champion that a true underdog needed.

Both men, it turns out, were just liars looking to make their money and glory, with no loyalty, no character, and no fighting spirit.

Today is the day Barack Obama decided to give in to the Republicans, and give Bush era tax breaks another shot. Because, presumably, it worked so well last time.

Sure, we went from a balanced budget and a healthy economy to a recession and the biggest deficit ever. But let's not look at the numbers.

Barack Obama, just like Lebron James did with "The Decision", showed his true character today. And it turns out, the two men are remarkably alike.

They both work for billionaires. They both decided to look out only for themselves, and stab their supporters in the back, in the worst way possible.

And both have suffered the most dramatic loss of popularity that I have ever seen. Lebron was contesting for most popular athlete in the world, and now sportswriters everywhere say he is the most hated. And Obama has sunk so low, I don't think he could even win the Democratic nomination today-- let alone the election.

Obviously, with these men, character amounts to nothing. Fighting for a noble cause means nothing. Doing what is right means nothing.

Oh, but can those men bank? Hell yeah.

So, to take off on Lebron's commercial, I can just see Obama asking, "What should I do?" I could see him asking that into the camera, and then giving us all his lame ass reasons why this is a good move. Just like Lebron did.

Maybe he should ask Bill Clinton. It still amazes me that he balanced the budget with a Republican controlled Congress. But that was, of course, before Dubya showed us what great profits lie in calamity, war, and spending money like you had a mint printing the stuff in your back room.

I laugh when Barack talks about splitting his lip while playing Lebron's game.

I sure wish he could put out that kind of effort for regular Americans.

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