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Monday, November 29, 2010

Reality is an Illusion

I've been having some very fun arguments on Facebook lately. Well, fun for me-- I think some other people are getting pretty agitated. Agitation is sort of a normal state of mind for me, so I feel like it's my 'home court advantage'.

But that's the kind of brain I have. As you will see, I am about to blend the latest WikiLeaks scandal into totally separate discussions on global warming, alien visitation, giant human fossils, and the metaphysical nature of our very existence.

You see, I believe in a 'common thread' theory to life. I believe that Truth probably does exist, but it's scattered across the globe, in little tiny bits, in different religions, mysticisms, scientific studies and philosophies. Sort of like one big existential Easter egg hunt, if you will. And in the end, the more I investigate, the more I find one predominant common thread.

Reality is an illusion.

What we call reality is just a commonly agreed upon perception, after all. We say “the sky is blue”-- but it's not to a blind man. Sure, the same particles are in the air, refracting light in such a way that most of us see the same thing, which we have agreed to call 'blue'.

But really, it's just a nerve signal from our eyeballs to our brain that gives us an impression. That's all. We see people that have lost limbs in accidents get faked out by their brain, with nerve signals telling them that the limb is still there. How do we really know that a portion-- or perhaps all-- of our reality isn't the same thing?

I know fans of the “Matrix” are getting all giggly now, thinking of that paradigm-shifting scene where Keanu Reeves wakes up in a pod, and finds out his reality is only computer generated scenes from a master computer. Presumably, this same computer also told him he was a good actor.

Somehow, I find a direct correlation to this and the leaking of diplomatic emails that our country is currently in an uproar about, and with which the whole world will soon be abuzz.

Let me trace my thoughts: We talk bad about people behind their backs. We lie to their face, and act like nothing's wrong. And then we get upset when the truth of what we say and do is found out.

See? Reality is an illusion. The objectionable part, according to our government, is not so much the lies, bad talk and dirty back-room-dealing actions-- it's the fact that we blew their cover.

You see, they were struggling very hard to create a perception amongst certain people, and then got mad when their reality was exposed as an illusion. They scream, 'people's lives are at risk!'-- as if they were not at risk with every deceitful action this government has made in it's history. People's lives weren't at risk in Iraq and Afghanistan-- at least, not until now. They weren't at risk in Vietnam. Or Korea. Or in the World Wars in Europe, and around the globe.

No, no, no-- bombing countries, stealing their natural resources, making agreements to wipe out cultures, crippling economies, defrauding entire classes of people-- that's OK. But telling on us for doing it in nasty little semi-illegal underhanded ways-- THAT'S the problem.

Because ever since Hitler, the world has known that it's the BIG LIE that gets believed. And so therefore, how dare anyone expose the BIG LIE? Or any of our small ones that form the steps to the peak of deception that they have so carefully lead us to, for so many years?

“BUT WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS!”, you might scream. “We have to do this because everyone else is doing it, and how naive can you believe to think otherwise?”

That equates, in my opinion, to a George Bush-like preemptive bombing of the truth. And don't get me wrong-- it's both parties, it's most or all nations-- it's just the government way.

It's the lies that risk people lives, not telling the truth. It's the back room deals. It's the choosing of national sides, instead of choosing the human race.

History books have been re-written so many times that pages don't even get a chance to turn yellow anymore. Truth is forgotten, dooming generation after generation to repeating it's own mistakes. Our past is myth, people will say-- unless it reinforces something we want to believe now. And worst of all, people aren't really concerned about truth. They are far more concerned about being perceived as right. Passion exists for personal pride, rather than humility inspiring camaraderie in our species.

Basically, a huge part of the human population should just walk around with t-shirts on that say “I AM RIGHT!”. But history, sadly, proves we are not.

So don't try to prove or disprove global warming, or alien visitation, or giant human fossils. Just ask Hillary Clinton, and she will tell you the rubber-stamped official answer. Because we all know we can trust her-- and look, I saw her smile once! Therefore, I know she is honest, and nice.

Oh, I know one has nothing to do with the other. But there is the common thread-- reality is based on perception. A certain amount of the population will believe what they are told to believe. Theory becomes fact to those who believe the theory. Lies become truth to those who believe the lie. How dare anyone actually show courage, and have an independent mind, and do something honest-- lives are at stake!

Most importantly, the lives of the liars are at stake. The lives, the livelihoods, the prearranged deceptions, the back-room deals-- that's what's really at stake.

Reality is an illusion. Especially if you work in government.

There's a Bible verse that says basically “your back room lies will be shouted from the rooftops!”.

Today, in your presence, this prophecy is fulfilled.

I say-- Hallelujah!

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