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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupation Preoccupation

I have loved over the last couple of weeks watching the "Occupy Wall Street" movement grow. I admit it-- that directionless group of Americans has me thinking they are the real patriots of my lifetime. I don't have any idea what will become of it. But I tell you this-- this event will change us as a country just as much as 9-11 did-- and for the better.

It's always been the rich against the poor. The rich bribe and employ others to join their cause, and protect them from the masses. Sometimes the lies are really good, and can seperate whole classes of people-- black against white, protestant against catholic, men against women. As long as they keep the masses divided, they can continue to win.

But this group in New York have no division. I see all colors, and all ages, all types of people arm in arm. Through Facebook, videos and pictures surface daily. It's almost as if the internet saved our concept of Free Press, because the mainstream media ignored it-- until they thought it meant ratings.

Don't be bashful when 'class warfare' is mentioned. Hell, it's only warfare because we started fighting back. Before that, it was 'class suppression'.

Education and healthcare are two of the most pivotal issues in anyone's lifetime-- and both are tilted so far in favor of the rich that some people might think that there are those that would prefer the poor dead.

We are one of the worst developed nations at providing health care and education for our population. We were supposed to stay in our semi-comatose state, watching Jerry Springer and the Jersey Shore. But somehow, somewhere, one person said 'enough is enough'.

And they said it loud enough someone else heard it, and said it again. And again.

I don't know what the Occupation intends to accomplish, but I am with them. We've been aimless so long in this country. At least this action shows that we, the 99%, are fed up with the abuse of the rich.

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